Start the New Year by eating well and feeling great

We would like to thank A. I. McCulloch for her review of our recipe book ‘Eat well, feel great: Colourful and delicious meals and snacks for one or two’. In case you need any encouragement to start the New Year by enjoying colourful meals and snacks that make you feel great, here is her review.

Many of us in late middle age or older have family cookbooks with meals ‘serving four’, that perhaps no longer meet our needs. There’s only so many meals you can batch cook, not to mention lugging all the ingredients back from the supermarket.

An original idea, these are nutritionally balanced recipes. designed to get older people moving away from ready meals, and into preparing tasty, tempting dishes, that are quick and easy, fuel effiicient, and won’t break the bank. Many of the meals are staples, these aren’t unfamiliar dishes – spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie, tuna and pasta bake.

My first thought was that this book would be a great buy for a household where someone hasn’t really had to cook before. Perhaps someone whose partner always did the cooking, but is now either solo, or has had to take over cooking duties. They will find many favourites here.

As someone who does cook, I was pleased to find that there were some things here that weren’t versions of things I’ve been cooking for the last forty years.

I’ll be trying a Sardinian stew that has pearl barley as the base, having recently discovered orzotto, which is a low-maintenance risotto, made with pearl barley rather than expensive arborio rice. Not all recipes are mains, there are breakfasts, lunch ideas, and puddings too. All have no more than a dozen ingredients, with many just half a dozen.

There’s a good introduction, with sound nutritional advice, and advice on keeping a decent stock cupboard. I find that some basic flavourings – garlic, chilli, dried herbs, lemon juice, ginger, stock cubes, turmeric, cumin – form the flavour base of so many of my recipes. and this book follows the same track. Food doesn’t need to be fancy to taste good, but it has to have some flavour.

Many of the recipes are vegetarian, including some where you won’t notice that the meat is missing, such as vegetable risottos or tagines.

If I’d written this, I would have perhaps included more in the way of tips and tweaks. Using tinned potatoes, for example, a great, cheap alternative, that save money and time in the kitchen. Perhaps some advice on freezing leftovers, and making two or three meals out of one.  A bowl of leftover spaghetti bolognese sauce can form the basis of a cottage pie, for example, or the meat layer in a lasagne. (We definitely agree).

Buying this also supports an award winning charity, Age UK County Durham, that has a lot of innovative ideas for supporting older people in their community – running lunch clubs, and supported shopping trips to enable older people without transport to access shops and supermarkets.

It’s all good.

This review (and others) can be found on Amazon where it is easy to buy a copy from us and help us deliver our vital services at the same time.

And if you enjoy it, why not add a review on Amazon or email us your comments about your favourite dish?

About age uk county durham

Age UK County Durham is a small independent charity based in North East England. Our mission is to promote the well-being of all older people and to help make life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.
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