A grow to eat success that keeps on growing

The growing season has been a success for members of Come Eat Together

Our Come Eat Together project volunteers and workers have had great fun delivering plenty of Let’s Get Growing sessions all across County Durham over the spring and summer. We have been welcomed into community venues from church halls and community centres to pubs and restaurants. Older people tell us they have enjoyed the new Let’s Get Growing film, which stars one of our volunteers giving a step by step guide on how to grow your own produce easily in containers at home.

During the sessions participants can choose to have a go at growing their own fruit and vegetables at home. We have taken along seed potatoes to plant in bags and provide to opportunity for people to plant their own peppers, onions, and lettuce seeds and herbs.

The feedback from older people enjoying these sessions has been excellent, with participants commenting “the film showed how easy it is to grow your own vegetables”.

People have been back in touch to thank us so much for the session and to tell us about their success.  

One member told us “From two seed potatoes I have had a crop weighing in at 5 and a half pounds! I am absolutely delighted as I have never grown anything myself before. Not being a driver I even made the effort to get the bus to my local supermarket to buy compost to plant my potatoes in the bag you provided me with at the session. The potatoes are delicious and I have been sharing some of my crop with friends and my neighbours. Others in my Come Eat Together lunch group have also had great success and we all loved the session you provided.”

One group, the Happy Wanderers of Chester le Street invited us back to their group where they brought in examples of what they  have been growing. Others have even sent us photographs of their growing successes as is shown here. Thanks to everyone who has sent us a photo. We would like to thank the Durham Organic Gardeners Association for donating seed potatoes to support these activities.

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If you would like to participate in a Let’s Get Growing session or for more information please contact the Come Eat Together Team on 0191 374 6577.

About age uk county durham

Age UK County Durham is a small independent charity based in North East England. Our mission is to promote the well-being of all older people and to help make life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.
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