Shopping made easy

wear valley shopping clubFood shopping may be as simple as jumping in your car and heading to the local supermarket, but for some people over 50, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

With a lack of transport and less choice in rural areas, access to healthy food can be problematic. In response to this our award winning Come Eat Together project is making shopping for food as easy as possible.

We work with local community transport providers to offer affordable shopping trips using accessible minibuses. The trips aren’t just a ride to the shops. Members get the added bonus of a door to door service, a wider variety of shops, help with heavy bags as well as plenty of time to stop off for a cuppa and a chat.

In addition to the shopping clubs a Shopping Buddy Scheme has also been developed. Using their own vehicle, volunteers pick older people up from their homes to go to local supermarkets. Shopping buddies are able to offer flexible times, help around the store and assistance with heavier shopping as well as being a friendly face.

These regular trips to supermarkets are making a huge difference to older people in County Durham who have difficulty shopping for food. Here’s what some members have to say:

We enjoyed the trip and appreciated the help from staff and the driver. I would have struggled to get a lot of shopping otherwise”.

“I enjoyed the trip. I had not been able to get to the supermarket in six weeks. I also received extra help with my shopping whilst in the store, which was much appreciate”.

A team of dedicated and friendly Come Eat Together volunteers are on hand to assist with all aspects of shopping. This can range from assistance on and off the bus and help lifting heavy bags, to support around the store. Here is our short film about shopping clubs.

To find out more about shopping clubs and shopping buddy schemes in your area or for more information on how to become a volunteer who helps people with their shopping or a volunteer driver please contact the Come Eat Together team on 0191 374 6577 or e-mail

About age uk county durham

Age UK County Durham is a small independent charity based in North East England. Our mission is to promote the well-being of all older people and to help make life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.
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