Spring is in the Air – time to plant your fruit and veggies!

look what we've grownCome Eat Together is celebrating the start of spring in style with two ‘Grow to Eat’ sessions this week. We were in Lanchester on Tuesday and at the Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground on Thursday.

After their delicious lunch and a good natter in the comfortable dining room (which included chicken in creamy mushroom sauce with baby new potatoes, peas and carrots), over 40 diners at the Kings Head in Lanchester were keen to learn how to grow more tasty food that they could eat!

At our Grow To Eat sessions we always have a variety of seeds, seedling and young plants for people to pot up or take away. It is still early in the season but this week we were able to bring along a selection of  peppers, chillies, courgettes, spring onions and herbs. We also had seeds for strawberries and tomatoes.

grow to eat 4At both sessions, Come Eat Together members were treated to a talk from our knowledgeable volunteer Bala on how to grow your own fruit and vegetables easily. Bala (pictured far right)  has his own allotment and has many years of experience at growing all kinds of fruit, herbs and vegetables. He brings his tablet to show people photos from his allotment to show how easy it can be. He explained that vegetables and fruit can be grown indoors, that potatoes can be grown in washing up bowls and that if you’re growing them indoors you don’t need to put holes in the bottom as you can control how much water you use. There were plenty of questions about which varieties are easiest to grow and everyone told us that they had learned something new.

One member commented “An interesting talk from a very enthusiastic gardener” and another told us “I’ve never grown anything but now I will now have a go at pot-grown salads!”

Grow to eat CLS 2Our second session this week was hosted by Durham County Cricket Club at the Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground. The 14 members asked numerous questions and took home plants and seeds to have a go themselves with some of the plants Bala had talked about in the session.

One of the group commented, “I enjoyed the session and I will be planting the free plants, plus others”.  Another member of the group added “I will give some new food plants a go in the garden”.

More Grow to Eat sessions are planned throughout the County during the spring and summer – if you would like to attend one or you are interested in having a talk for your community group please contact the team on 0191 374 6577.

About age uk county durham

Age UK County Durham is a small independent charity based in North East England. Our mission is to promote the well-being of all older people and to help make life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.
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